Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Mean Little Blanket

Mean Little Blanket
Mean Little Blanket is a two-piece band from Brooklyn, NY known for their complex time signatures and heavy riffs. Formed by Corey Dozier and Jason Prushko in 2009, the band will constantly keep you guessing with what comes next. Their newest album entitled "Blast Off" features 10 tracks that will redefine hard rock.

The album starts off with with a 9 minute track that sums up their talents perfectly and sets the tone for the rest of the album. It shows exactly what the two are capable of doing together and they definitely find ways to compliment each other's talent. Each song seems to be carefully constructed unlike several of the popular rock songs known today, which seem to be thrown together and incredibly repetitive.

The track entitled "Samhain" is one of my favorites. It has an upbeat tempo that is interrupted by complicated instrumental breaks at unexpected times. Then just as you think you've figured out the scheme, everything relaxes around 2:45 only to pick back up where they left off.

"Power Wash" starts off as a slower track rich with emotional vocals. But that soon changes to something with more technical intricacies. Over the course of 7 minutes, the track occasionally revisits the slower tempo and melody it began with, a perfect balance of soft and hard in one song.

Overall, Mean Little Blanket is definitely worth listening to. With a fresh and innovative sound, the band has a long career ahead of them and I look forward to hearing more.

Although they are unsigned, you can listen to their entire album by clicking here.

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