Saturday, May 19, 2012

Financial Literacy for Musicians

Financial literacy is a topic that has been one of the main focuses on the Entertainment Business Finance course I’m taking this month from Full Sail University. It’s extremely important to understand the basic financial concepts of opportunity cost and breaking even in order to make sound financial decisions.

Since more musicians are opting to remain independent these days, it is incredibly important for them to learn the financial basics as well in order to make their jobs easier. Independent artists do not have record labels and accountants to take care of the numbers so learning a little about finance can go a long way.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Palm Kids' New EP

Palm Kids is a three piece alternative rock band based out of California. Having formed in February of last year, the band already has a following on several social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. They are known for their upbeat tempos, melodic intricacies, and catchy choruses.
Their newest EP entitled “Somehow,” really showcases their diverse sound and the talents of each member. The first track, Dance With Me begins with what sounds like angsty vocals but the song really develops to be more uplifting in the chorus, all the while retaining the right amount of edginess throughout the entire piece. Palm Kids seems to have just a little hint of The Matches, another alternative band from California that signed with Epitaph Records in the past.