Sunday, August 26, 2012

Using Industry Podcasts

Every individual that is involved with the entertainment world needs to become aware of the various types of legal issues that can significantly affect your business. One of the most important topics when it comes to entertainment is copyright law so knowing the misconceptions about the law can decrease your liability risk. Keeping up to date with current events as well as industry podcasts can provide extremely valuable insight and expert resources.

The first podcast was presented by a Minnesota Law radio program examines “The Myths and Misconceptions of Copyright Law.” Within the half hour program, Marsha Stolt, an attorney that specializes in copyright, trademarks, and intellectual property, details the basic information that everyone should know about copyright and intellectual property. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Entertainment Law - Know the Basics

Entertainment Law

When it comes to the music industry and entertainment world, one must be extremely careful when entering contracts and agreements. Taking the time to read the fine print and seek legal advice can protect you from making costly mistakes. Misunderstandings and ignorance are not valid excuses when it comes to the contractual obligations you agree to with your signature. It helps to be versed in at least the basics of entertainment law, so you know what to look out for in an industry that has a tarnished reputation.

In a recent article, The Hollywood Reporter states that the singer Dev is suing her record label Indie-Pop over her recording contract. She signed the contract in 2008, which gives the company 75% of her income. In today’s industry, labels are looking for other revenue streams due to the popularity of digital music and the shift away from consumers purchasing physical albums. The record labels are making money by taking a percentage of merchandise and ticket sales in addition to music sales. I wrote about 360 deals in an earlier post, “Developing New Revenue Streams.” Many artists are upset with their contracts when they realize how much this really amounts to. Now Dev says that she was pressured into signing the deal and that she didn’t adequately review the document or seek legal counsel. The article states that Dev is accusing Indie-Pop of manipulating her and saying that the company didn’t look out for her best interest.