About Rebecca

Growing up in New York has provided a great deal of opportunities when it comes to the entertainment industry. Being within such close proximity to Manhattan and New Jersey provided me with the ability of frequenting several concert venues. It was at various shows that I was able to discover my passion for music, network with emerging artists, and begin learning about the business.

I obtained an associates degree in Business Administration from Sullivan County Community College in the summer of 2009. I knew that I wanted to be directly involved with developing and marketing artists in order to help them grow as musicians. I received my MBBS (Music Business Bachelors of Science) degree from Full Sail University in 2011 and I received a Masters degree in Entertainment Business also from Full Sail University in 2012. Interning with an independent record label has given me the chance to apply my education to real life situations and I'm looking forward to furthering my career within the industry. In the future, I hope to be doing A&R or working in a related field. 

The creation of this blog is to establish myself within the industry by generating a solid online presence. Updated on a weekly basis, I plan on discussing topics relevant to artists looking to forward their careers within the music industry. The name "An Artist's Interlude" is a play on words and refers to the music in between scenes or acts but used here, it means the time period between just starting out as a musician and becoming seasoned and established within the industry.

Rebecca Rapoli with Amber Pacific

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